My Artwork

Oil Paintings

I started painting in oils in December 2017 and all of the following were completed over the next 12 months. Initially, I painted a series entitled ‘Working Class Heroes’ – images of the men I grew up watching in the back streets of Birmingham (UK) in the 1950s. These were hard-working men who laboured in Brum’s many factories, often doing mind-numbingly boring and repetitive jobs. Many wore flat caps and they liked a pint. I’ve tried to capture them in the pub after work.

Paintings by Phil Mansell
Cheeky Chappy (left) Lighting Up #1 (top right) Three Men In A Pub (centre right) Two Men and a Barmaid #1 (bottom right)

I’ve exhibited these paintings a couple of times in the towns of Denia and Pego in Spain. I’ve even managed to sell a couple – one to a fellow Brummie who grew up in the same area as me, although, amazingly, we never met until the exhibition. As you can see, I’ve experimented with different styles of painting – and I’ll continue to experiment until I get something I’m happy with!


For a change of style, I’ve done some paintings entitled ‘Dancing at the Fiesta’, based on photos I’ve taken of village festivities in Spain.

Some More of my artwork.

One of my favourite all-time artists is Quentin Blake – and I’m very heavily influenced by him as you can see from this quick sketch I did.


More of my artwork.

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