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According to Claudia

According to Claudia by Phil MansellA play about the secrets and surprises that emerge when a family gathers to celebrate the 80th birthday of a crusty Oxford don. His daughters fuel the fire by bringing along partners who include a crime writer and a former East End gangster returning in disguise from the Costa del Crime. Produced by Newport Playgoers at the Dolman Theatre. Winner of Theatre Show of the Year Award presented by lifestyle and entertainment magazine Voice and the Award for Best Play presented by the Gwent Drama League.

Full Length. Drama. Cast: 4 female, 3 male.

Poor Yorick

Cover of Poor Yorick by Phil Mansell

Yorick the jester is not dead – he’s on the road dying a death as he pioneers a new kind of comedy called stand-up. When this fails, he is persuaded by his tavern wench girlfriend Bess to return to Elsinore and get his old job back – but when he arrives he finds there have been many changes, and he becomes embroiled in Hamlet’s plans for revenge. The play was one of the winners of the No Holds Bard Festival of One Act Plays run as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages Project.

One Act. Comedy. Cast: 2 female, 3 male.


Bunkered by Phil Mansell

Business is bad at Tom’s run-down crazy golf course and the Igloo Ice Cream where his friend Kath works. All the holidaymakers are going to the spanking new pleasure beach at the other end of the bay. All looks lost until ageing hippy dropout and sandwich board man Dylan comes to the rescue.  Bunkered was a winning entry in a golf-themed play-writing competition run to celebrate the Ryder Cup being held in Newport.  It was judged by Welsh playwright Frank Vickery to be performed at the Dolman Theatre.

One Act. Comedy. Cast: 2 female, 3 male.

A Clandestine Operation

A Clandestine Operation by Phil MansellIn a room two men are keeping watch on the world outside through a keyhole. Their objective: to observe and infiltrate the mysterious proceedings taking place beyond the door. Two things stop them from succeeding – their inability to open the door and the unexpected arrival of a knife-thrower’s assistant. With their mission facing failure there follows a desperate bid to shift the blame and avoid the terrible consequences.

One Act. Drama. Cast: 2 female, 2 male.

Wedded Blitz

Wedded Blitz by Phil MansellRecovering alcoholic and novelist Jack is battling writer’s block, impotence and the temptation of the bottle. Driving him to drink are a lustful wife, a cantankerous father, and an angry ex-wife who’s never forgiven him for putting their marriage in a best-selling book. Things come to a head when he meets his ex to discuss their son’s future – and sees his wife out with another man.

Full length. Drama. Cast: 2 female, 3 male.

Caddying for Godot

Caddying for Godot by Phil MansellOn a barren, post-apocalyptic golf course two caddies await the return of the golfers who may or may not have retired to the club house. This homage to Samuel Beckett’s classic play was short-listed in the Hole In One Act Play Competition which was held to celebrate the Ryder Cup being held in Newport in 2010.

One Act. Drama. 4 (interchangeable).


Bats by Phil MansellIn a quiet cul-de-sac a couple find their nice, quiet orderly lives disturbed by an infestation of bats. A string of people turn up and are mistaken for the bat exterminator. When he finally does turn up, his work is interrupted by a birthday strippergram, and by the time he gets down to business, it looks like it might be too late…

One Act. Black comedy. 3 female, 3 male.

Transylvanian Red - a play by Phil Mansell

2 Acts; 2f 2m; Comedy Drama.

When happily married couple Will and Cathy entertain Felix, a neurotic friend who wants to introduce them to the latest in a long line of unsuitable girlfriends, they know the evening will probably not go well. Especially as this one, Lucrezia, a mature student who creates weird works of conceptual art, drives a car that falls apart en route. When she finally arrives, bringing with her an abandoned supermarket trolley and assorted traffic cones for her latest masterpiece, she makes it clear that she fancies the Will as much as she likes gulping down the Transylvanian red wine.  Felix, meanwhile, realises that more than ever, he is in love with the beautiful but unattainable Cathy.

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