Unpublished Plays

I have a number of plays which I am working on. Please contact me for any information about these at pjm@philmansell.com

When Shirley Cooper hears she will receive an MBE in the next Honours List her husband James immediately organises a small, celebratory drink party. Invited are Shirley’s sister Pauline and her boorish, former butcher husband Michael. Shirley also invites her landscape gardener, the sophisticated Ralph, on whom she has a crush, and he brings his very young and brash partner Layla. As the champagne flows, tensions rise with topics of conversation veering from the Honours System, the placing of garden gnomes in landscape gardening and Michael’s specialist subject, his life in the butcher’s trade. Secrets are revealed and old rivalries resurface in this lively one act play.

Please be aware that this play includes the casual use of strong language.

Attempted Murder Party

Attempted Murder Party by Phil Mansell

2 Acts; 4m, 7f ; Comedy Drama.

Trying to create your own murder mystery party from scratch is no easy matter. But it’s a nightmare when your best friend is an amateur ventriloquist, your mother-in-law is slightly batty and your wife is on the verge of running away with her best friend’s husband.

Transylvanian Red (currently awaiting publication by Stage Scripts)

Suspicious Circumstances

Suspicious Circumstances- a Play by Phil Mansell

2 Acts; 3f 3m; Drama

After 22 years gadding about the world, an artist returns to show off his new wife to his family. There are two questions on everyone’s lips. Does she know how his first wife, Samantha, died – and was he responsible for her death? Meanwhile the matriarch of the family warns everyone: don’t mention Samantha – or the swimming pool.

The Musical Cage


2 Acts; 3f 7m; Comedy Drama

Everyone agrees Ken is a “really nice bloke”. But he reaches breaking point when his nagging wife tells him to get rid of his budgie, Colin. So he kills her – on the very day that hanging is re-introduced for murder. He ends up in the condemned cell with a guard who has fallen in love with him, an undercover reporter, an exotic dancer and a sick budgie with a hangover. Will he escape to Patagonia – or do the decent thing and be hanged by the neck until dead?