Inspired by Fish and Chips!

For my latest children’s book I went back to my childhood in the back streets of Birmingham. I remembered going to buy my family’s fish and chip supper on a frosty autumn Friday night and queuing outside the shop with friends and neighbours. Because everyone went to the chippie on a Friday night.

The cover of my latest children’s book

The first thing I came up with was the title and then I imagined what would happen if I – and everyone else – was being robbed of my precious hot newspaper parcel (fish and chips were always wrapped in newspaper in those far-off days). Who were the robbers? It had to be two hooligan brothers from the Rough End of our street. They were wearing masks and armed with powerful water pistols. When I refused to hand over my fish and chips I was squirted in the face.

In the fish and chip shop.

I needed someone to help me track down the thieves and created a clever schoolfriend called Anita. She is smarter than me and decides the best thing to do is to look for clues. Her keen eyes spot a trail of hot chips leading through the dark and dingy back alleyways. We follow the trail…

A trail of chips leads us through the gloomy alleyways in search of the fish and chip thieves

What we find is a regular thieves kitchen in the ramshackle house of the Rotter family. How do we get my fish and chips back? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

The greedy Rotter family scoffing their ill-gotten gains

Like many of the books I publish on Amazon this was originally in a letter I wrote for my two grandchildren, Maddy and Max. If they enjoy my stories I turn them into books. It’s not the first time I’ve plundered my childhood for story ideas and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

To order ‘The Great Fish and Chips Robbery’ and the rest of my books on Amazon go to my Author’s Page.

About philmansell

I'm a writer, photographer, illustrator and film-maker with a Masters degree in Multimedia & Information Design from the University of Wales, Newport. I'm also volunteer PR Officer with Newport Playgoers Society who own and run the city's 400-seater Dolman Theatre. I trained at the London Film School where I specialised in script-writing, directing and animation, and had three films screened at the National Film Theatre. After teaching film-making, photography and art, I moved into the world of advertising and PR and was a professional writer. My play 'According to Claudia' was selected by Newport Playgoers Society to launch their 92nd season. It won the Award for Theatre Show of the Year 2014 presented by lifestyle and entertainment magazine Voice. It has since been published by Silvermoon Publications and is available from Amazon. Other plays I have had published include 'Poor Yorick', 'Bunkered' and 'Caddying for Godot'. Previously my one act play 'Poor Yorick' was a winning entry in a competition run as part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Open Stages project and was performed at both the 400-seat Dolman Theatre and Blackwood Little Theatre. Another play, 'Bunkered', was one of the winning entries in a competition judged by Welsh playwright Frank Vickery.
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1 Response to Inspired by Fish and Chips!

  1. Helma Hermans says:

    Dasterly deeds galore Phil! Well done!

    cheers Helma

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